Nepal Placement Agency

Nepal Placement Agency is registered under the Labor Ministry of Nepal with License No. 390/059/060. As a provider of excellent overseas manpower, our business is about people. We take the time necessary to ensure that our manpower meet or exceed our client’s requirements. All manpower are carefully vetted and screened.

Nepal Placement Agency is a company that endows employment opportunities to thousands of skilled and semi skilled people and at the same time caters to the manpower needs of various organizations worldwide. Our company delivers competent labor with a wide range of professional skills in industry and business.

We have the resources, methodologies and hands-on experience to thoroughly evaluate requirements and determine the best possible human resource solutions. Because we use flexible delivery options and a candidate short list method, we can provide the right recruitment results for our clientele. We take special care to know your business in order to select the right staff for your specific needs. Our mission has always been to provide exceptional service at competitive rates.

Our dedicated team

Message from the Team


Mr. Yadab Lamichhane

Executive Director

Mr. Yadab Lamichhane has the experience of more than twelve years in the field of foreign recruitment. His contribution in NPA has been of great importance as he has worked in some of the premier recruiting agencies in the capacity of Public Relation Officer.

Sister Concern

1. Mahjong Entertainment Pvt.Ltd. Casino Mahjong Nepal - Chairman 
2. B-Line Tours & Travel Pvt. Ltd. - Chairman 
3. AMP Builders Pvt.LTd. - Chairman 
4. Trio- Venture Investment Pvt.Ltd. - Chairman 
5. Imperial Developers Pvt.LTd. - Managing Director 
6. Himalayan Sanctuary Resort Pvt.Ltd. - Chairman 
7. Neydo Hotel Pvt. Ltd. - Chairman 
8. Imperial Entertainment Encore Pvt. LTd. (Prive) - Chairman 
9. Academy of Bir Gurkhas Security Service Pvt.Ltd. - Chairman 
10. Imperial Entertainment Pvt.Ltd. Mahjong Nepalgunj - Chairman 
11. Encore Entertainment Pvt. Ltd (Prive Nepal) - Chairman